Guidance for Supreme Commanders

Time : 2016-08-17 04:18

Similar to Fight Till Last Man Stands, 

players need to conquer stronghold to obtain boost attributes that will be helpful in later challenges,

 also rewards. Also, the latter stronghold will be harder to overtake as the battle goes.

Players can choose the stage before the battle starts. It would be better if players can adjust the formation and strategy accordingly beforehand. The flags for each stronghold indicate the difficulty of it. Occupying more difficult stronghold to obtain more flags and chests.


As the battle goes on, boost attributes can be stacked. Some hidden treasure can be found at some strongholds, players can claim once overtake the specific strongholds.

Once failed, players will only have one chance left to reset and challenge from the 1ststrongholdagain.The total flags each player has obtained from the challenges will be ranked, and the corresponding rewards will be sent to top players the next day.

Moreover, flags can be used to exchange for rare items in Shop. Click Refresh to refresh items.

War Conquest 1941

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