Technology Research Introduction

Time : 2016-08-12 04:02

Research Center -Technology Research

  Click “Research Center” and choose the technology to upgrade. There are 2 types of technologies, including Resources and Battle.

1. Resources Technology: Can increase resources production speed and max storage.

2. Battle Technology: Can increase attributes for the whole troops.

Tactics Center – Upgrade Tactics

Click “Tactics Center” to enter UI and choose the tactics to upgrade.

Click to choose Tactics and check for details.

War Conquest 1941

War Conquest 1941 is a 3D RTS mobile game. Here, you can command more than 100 units with all sorts of support like Flares, Signal Flares, Paratroopers, Supplies Bag, Stun Grenade, Smoke Grenade and Landmine. There are also varied tactics for you, such as Blitzkrieg strategy, Human Wave Attack, Armored Vanguard, etc. Are you tired of TBS? Then this is your game. You can fully use your wits to overpower your enemies and relive the war time, come and become the most Brilliant Commander!